Alle Strandbäder sind je nach Wetter von etwa Mai bis September geöffnet.


Lido / Strandbad

Lido Lake Faak


  • Address: Seestraße 2, 9583 Faak am See
  • tel +43 (0) 4254 2089
  • The water area of ​​the lido is 1.1 hectares in area, numerous trees provide shade.
    By car you reach the Seeuferlandesstraße to the lido. 100 free parking spaces, which are also suitable for coaches, are in front of the lido. 500 more are located 5 minutes (walk).

    A bus stop is in 25 m.
    Besides a restaurant there is a buffet catering for the pleasure of the swimmers.
    The lido Lake Faak offers children's swimming lessons.

Strandbad Drobollach


  • Address: Strandbadstraße 61, 9580 Drobollach
  • tel +43 (0) 4254 2643
  • The lido Drobollach has an area of ​​0.4 hectares, is has about 60 parking spaces. It is not suitable for coaches. In July and August there is an entrance fee. A bus stop is 500 meters away.

    Carinthia's longest water slide at 102 meters is the attraction of the lido. Among sporting activities there is a tennis court. Children's swimming lessons are offered as needed. In the grounds there is a buffet. 2 km away there is a mini golf course.

Strandbad Egg


  • address: New Egg, 9580 Egg
  • tel +43 (0) 676 5492308
  • The 0.9-acre beach Egg has numerous shade trees. The car park has 60 spaces. Buses parked at the nearby car park of Arneitz. Very close to the lido is a bus stop.

    Noteworthy is the handicapped accessibility with wheelchair lift, suitable sanitary facilities and access to the lake. In addition to the rental of bicycles, pedal boats and kayaks, there are table football and games machines. Younger guests are particularly attracted to the water mushroom.

    The bistro has a large furnished terrace which allows dogs. In approximately 1 km to the lido there is a mini golf course. Surfing and sailing or windsurfing you can learn at "Pepi" or in the surf sports school Faak.

Lido "Sand Bank"


  • Address: Badeweg 3, 9583 Faak
  • tel +43 (0) 4254 2261
  • In the estuary Wourounitza the alluvial sand banks offers a peculiar charm. The sunbathing area of ​​1.5 ha has old, shady tree stands. 350 parking spaces, which are also suitable for coaches. With water bicycles, called hydrobikes you can go on the lake. Easy to reach are a kiosk and two buffets in 50 to 70 meters away. In about 100 meters away there is the possibility minigolf / PitPat play. The surfing school Faak is represented here.

All previous information is from Carinthian Institute for Lake Research .

Island Faak am See


  • tel +43 (0) 4254 2145
  • www Insel hotel Faak
  • particularities information for day visitors: The Überfuhr is open for visitors without registration available around the clock, it is asked to reserve a table. The island is in Faakersee of 20 Open May to end September 2011. Price for the boat-crossing: 3 Euro per person, with consumptions is the return trip free. Price for use of beach and lawn: 25, - Euro per person, by appointment only possible.

Erlebinsbad Wernberg


  • address: Badweg 1, 9241 Wernberg
  • tel +43 (0) 4252 2990
  • particularities table tennis, beach volleyball, free style park, bowls, 45m water slide.

Beach on Aichwaldsee


  • Address: Aichwaldsee
  • tel +43 (0) 4254 2690 14